Since earning a photography degree from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 2004, I have done all of the following things in my career:

Made countless gorgeous (photo & video) portraits of individuals, couples and families.

Taught scores of portrait and family photographers how to make Video Portraits and scale their businesses.

Photographed and/or filmed nearly 100 weddings. Woah!

Worked in a food photography studio and gained 15 pounds from being around food all day.

Worked as a staff museum photographer at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, where I documented thousands of art objects from around the world.

Received 2 generous grants to pursue my fine art projects.

Got accepted into several amazing MFA programs, decided not to go and relocated to Los Angeles instead.

Co-founded an advertising photo/film company called Hunt + Capture, which has gone on to win awards from Communication Arts and AdFed.

I have had the honor of creating meaningful imagery for individuals, families, non-profits, small start-ups, fortune 500 companies and ad agencies.







I have worn several different creative hats throughout my career

About me



I grew up in Burnsville, Minnesota, as the youngest of four (I was lucky to gain another sister when I was 19). Some of the strongest memories I have of my childhood are of family vacations.

and I travel a lot

My family, including 2 grandparents and our 2 dogs, squeezing into a camper to take in the sites of Mt Hood in Oregon. The steep mountain switchbacks were too much for our overcrowded RV, so everyone, except for my dad, had to get out to take the hike up to the next overlook.

While setting up our campsite in Yellowstone National Park, we discovered that my overzealous grandmother had baked over 150 bran muffins to feed us during a 5-day camping trip. None of us can even look at a bran muffin today!

As we got ready for our day at Epcot Center​ my dad insisted that we all wear pink (see below), much to my brother's chagrin, to help us find each other if we got lost. 

I have endless memories of our family trips, which have instilled in me a love of travel. Even if I was too young to now remember, the photographs of those trips have weaved their way into my memory. I treasure family photographs of those special times more with each passing year. Not surprisingly, I have already started creating imagery of travels with my spouse and son, to serve as unforgettable mementos.

Pro tip #1:
family photos don't
HAVE to be this embarrassing

Pro tip #2:
don't pose next
a garbage can




Three memories stand out:

My mom is an artist through and through. She sees beauty in everything and aspires to make everything she touches beautiful--from a canvas to a plate of food. She is known for her impeccable taste. To this day my mom is the type of person who rearranges her furniture every year to keep it looking fresh.

My dad has always had a deep curiosity of world geography and diverse cultures. The artifacts from his travels and the photographs he took along the way filled my young imagination with what was beyond our front door.

My dad lent me his fancy analog equipment for my high school photo class and even let me build a darkroom in our basement!  



My parents traveled a lot.
Here they are in India looking like movie stars.



influenced me

In my work, the act that I love most is handing off the final product to my clients. I get to hear the joy and excitement in their voices. I anticipate expressions of how good they feel about their investment.

I know that they will love their photos more with every year that passes—precisely the way I feel about photographs that have been passed down to me. 

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