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3 Reasons Why Adding Video Will Save Your Photography Business
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The photography industry is still growing. But it can be tricky to make a sustainable living as a full time photographer. Here are 3 reasons how adding video services saved my photography business–and it just might save your too.

Problem #1 — Solved

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Anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer. We’ve all seen this happen. 

I was having a really hard time trying to set myself apart from other photographers. 

I tried the in-person-sales methods, I tried offering mini sessions, I feel like I tried so many things . . . 

but I still wasn’t attracting clients.

Imagine that you are a busy mom who wants to book a portrait session. How do you find a photographer? You ask your friends? Search endlessly online. You get recommendations, but when you try to compare one photographer to another, they just look the same. How do you decide? 

Now imagine you see someone who offers something really different? Photo AND video? It catches your eye. The storytelling, the way childhood is captured. This photographer stands out. You have found your photographer. 

If you are willing to go where your competitor won’t go, then you will be able to stand out in a saturated photography world. 

Clients are attracted to my business because my video work catches their eye–even if all they want is a photo session. They come to my website because they see my video posted somewhere online. It makes me different from other photographers.

Problem #2 — Solved

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One of the biggest challenges of working in a saturated market is raising your prices. 

You may be thinking, “How do I . . .”

  • stay competitive if my prices are higher? 
  • raise my prices without losing my current clients? 
  • stop losing prospects to competitors?

By adding only 30 minutes of filming to the end of a portrait session, you can double or triple the amount you charge for a session.

Yes, a 1-2 minute film doesn’t take long if you have a plan. Can you imagine making 2 or 3 times as much for only 30 minutes of work? 

Your client is already dressed for a photo session. Why not add video?

Problem #3 — Solved

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I poured my heart into my photography, my website and my social media sites. 

BUT It dawned on me. I was working hard, but I was not making a real profit. 

I crunched the numbers and realized what I had was an expensive hobby. 

A “hobby” that was stealing my creativity, my time and my health.

I realized that I didn’t have a strategy that helped me actually build and grow my business . . .

By adding video to my business, I was able to attract and keep the right kinds of clients, charge more for each individual session, and spend less time feeling like I was on a hamster wheel. 

Now I have much more time to spend with my family and more time for self care. I’ve never felt more creative and happy in my business. 

Do you want to try video, but you just don’t know where to start?

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