Learn video without the tech overwhelm.
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When I first tried my hand at making video, it felt like there was too much to learn and it was way too overwhelming. And I didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on new equipment. I just wanted to learn video without the tech overwhelm!

Can you relate to that?

There are hundreds of Youtube videos and oodles of online courses about videography, but they are either way too general or they require a bunch of expensive equipment.

What I discovered was all that it took was having the right strategy to completely transform things. 

A formula tailored to photography that I could implement my business–without the overwhelm.

A VIDEO STRATEGY rescued me when I was about to give up.


Well, I created a step-by-step plan.

It wasn’t complicated, but it was super effective.

I came up with a way to add just 30 minutes of filming to any photo session.

A plan that 3x my profit AND attracted clients AND set me apart from other photographers.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but . . .

What I created was a BLUEPRINT.

woman smiling and working on a laptop

Introducing . . .

The Video Portrait Blueprint Course

So you can learn video without the technology overwhelm

Image of computer with workbooks describing what is included with the Video Portrait Blueprint Course.

What’s Inside . . .

  • A laser focused plan so you can feel confident going to every video session.
  • The correct camera settings to use for the best looking video capture.
  • The confidence to direct so your clients feel like stars in front of the camera.
  • An exact editing recipe to produce high quality videos and save you time.
  • The tools to infuse emotion into your videos with the right song. 
  • The skills to add the ‘wow factor’ to your video using image adjustments, effects and color.
  • The best ways to export, host and deliver your videos to your clients.
  • most importantly, learn video without the tech overwhelm!

You know what else is included?

3 FREE bonuses! But you have to go here to read about them.