A Different Way of Building a Photography Business . . .
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Have you ever caught yourself wondering if there is a different way of building your photography business . . .

  • ​”Just one more year and I’ll be making real money.”
  • “Soon I’ll be able to spend more time with my family…”
  • ​”Why can’t I attract higher paying clients?”
  • ​”Why did they book the other photographer?”
  • “Maybe I just don’t have what it takes.”
  • ​”Why don’t I have this figured out by now?”

I used to think ALL of these things …

I made a lot of mistakes

I’ve spent nearly 2 decades in the photography industry and during that time I made a lot of mistakes, for example . . . 

when I started my career as an art school graduate, I had heaps of debt. 

Oh, how I loved art school. But I agonized over my debt. I thought “what did I get myself into?”

When I realized that I couldn’t pay my debt with my art. I needed to make money.

So, I plunged myself into building a photography business.

For instance, I had a ton of photo gigs my first year in business–mostly weddings.

I thought “I finally made it!!!”

But, I grew my business the wrong way.

I was working around the clock… was never home… was not sleeping enough… was not exercising enough… lost my social life… and still wasn’t making a living wage.

And I got so burnt out that I plunged into a deep anxiety and depression. I wondered . . .

“What am I doing wrong?”

I was investing my time in things that didn’t matter.

Overwhelmed by tackling the big tasks, I got buried under the little ones. 

“There MUST be a different way,” I thought to myself.

“I want to build my business the RIGHT WAY.”

And stop making mistakes.

So I started talking to business owners outside of my industry, and it hit me.

I knew I needed to approach my business in an entirely different way. I needed to stand out from the crowd of photographers in my town.

And I’m not talking about a silver bullet or short-term hack …

I’m talking about…

A Whole Different Way Of Building a Portrait and Family Photography Business . . . 

That’s when I discovered Video Portraits. 

By adding Video Portraits to my business, I could charge 3x the amount I was charging for just a session.

Not only do I make a much larger profit, I have savings and I have investments too.

For example, I spend more time with my family.
I stand out from the huge crowd of photographers in my city because what I offer is so different. I attract the clients that I love to work with.


Well, I created a step-by-step plan and it has changed my business.

Introducing . . . 


Image of computer with workbooks describing what is included with the Video Portrait Blueprint Course.


  • A laser focused plan so you can FEEL CONFIDENT GOING INTO EVERY SESSION.
  • The correct camera settings to use for the BEST LOOKING VIDEO CAPTURE.
  • The CONFIDENCE TO DIRECT so your clients feel like stars in front of the camera.
  • An EXACT EDITING RECIPE to produce high quality videos and save you time.
  • The tools to INFUSE EMOTION into your videos with the right song. 
  • The skills to ADD THE “WOW FACTOR” to your video using image adjustments, effects and color.
  • The BEST WAYS TO EXPORT, HOST AND DELIVER your videos to your clients.

If you could increase your profit by 2x or 3x by adding video, would you do it?

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