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Testimonial: Yeng and Family
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I love getting testimonials from my clients. Here is one from Testimonial: Yeng after I photographer and filmed her family.

“Recently, Amanda filmed and produced a video portrait of our family enjoying a game in our backyard. When Amanda sent us the short film, we probably watched it over 100 times in one sitting. We are so smitten with it!

Amanda was able to capture the fun and tender moments defining how we connect as a family. Through this video, Amanda gave our family an ingenious upgrade to the family portrait. One that we can watch, share with our friends and family, and cherish over and over again.”

-Yeng in St. Paul, MN

A portrait isn’t just a snapshot of your family today.

It’s more of an investment in sharing memories of the present in the future and bringing old stories back to life for your grandchildren.

High-quality photos of your family today will let you turn back the clock any time you want years from now and relive these years all over again.

The March of Time Is Relentless

We’re all getting older – and looking at your kids,
it’s amazing to see just how fast they’re changing as they grow up and explore the world around them.

But sometimes, it feels like if you blink your eyes, you’ll miss their childhood. Then they’ll be waving you goodbye as they go off to college!

In the hope recording milestones, you may have tried taking your own photographs.

As a result, you found it impossible to get them to sit still for one good photo!

And maybe you even feel a little guilty that you don’t have enough family portraits for everyone to look back on in the future!

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